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Thailand never ever does not wow tourists having its blissful shores, fabulous meals, gorgeous temples, amazing elephants, and charming drifting areas. What-you-may perhaps not understand is the fact that the land of smiles additionally boasts a few of the most colorful celebrations in Southeast Asia and also inside entire globe. Listed here are 10 of the finest celebrations in Thailand you will not would you like to miss. They feature ideas in to the nation’s aged old custom, tradition, and belief.


1. Songkran (water event)

Also labeled as water Festival, Songkran is Thailand’s biggest and wettest event, celebrated to mark the start of the Buddhist new-year. It really is about purification and achieving a new begin.

The Thai men and women commemorate Songkran with parades, moving, people shows, and first and foremost, liquid battles. Folks sprinkle liquid for each various other to scrub away bad ideas and activities and desire all the best the approaching year. As time passes, the event has actually converted into a “water war”: men and women shop liquid in whatever vessels they will have like buckets, liquid balloons, and squirt weapons to splash others – with great motives, naturally. As April could be the hottest thirty days in Thailand, it is additionally a powerful way to cool down and possess enjoyable.

Water fights during SongkranWater battle during Songkran

whenever: Songkran is celebrated yearly for 3 days from April 13 to 15. Formally, the event is 3 days very long, but the majority of men and women celebrate it for a much longer time, like six times, particularly in preferred locations including Chiang Mai and Phuket.

In which: festivities take place across the country. When it comes to wildest Songkran gathering, check out Chiang Mai in which throngs of people gather at Thapae Gate and fill their particular buckets with liquid from moat. In Bangkok, liquid battles primarily occur in preferred backpacker haunt Khao San path and visitor hotspot Silom path. In Phuket, a good option becoming is Patong seashore. For a comparatively quieter plus conventional knowledge, head to smaller cities and provinces including Isaan with less tourists and is targeted on temple tasks in the place of liquid battles.


1). Observe that you get damp. It really is hard never to through the liquid Festival. If you do not need to get splashed, you may need to remain in your accommodation for 3 days. Just the King, women that are pregnant, and monks tend to be exempt from becoming splashed.

2). Dress respectfully. Keep in mind that it’s still a religious event. Do not remove t-shirts and steer clear of putting on a bikini unless you’re on coastline.

3). Keep every thing waterproof and then leave all valuables at your resort.

4). If you wish to get involved, get a bucket or purchase a water cannon.

2. Loy Krathong (event of Lights)

Loy Krathong could be the 2nd biggest event in Thailand just after Songkran. With countless banana leaf ships laden with blossoms, incense and candle lights taking place the streams, ponds, and canals, that is definitely perhaps one of the most dazzling.

Loy suggests “to float” and Krathong is a unique Thai drifting raft adorn with blossoms, banana leaves, candle lights, and incense sticks. The Thais deliver their particular embellished ships along the lake for several factors: 1) to mark the termination of the rainy period; 2) to pay for homage on liquid Goddess and request forgiveness for making use of a lot of liquid or contaminating it. 3) to state good-bye to previous misfortune and also make desires the coming year.

whenever: Loy Krathong drops from the night of full-moon inside 12th thirty days of Thai lunar schedule, which will be typically at the conclusion of the rainy period, a great time to go to Thailand once the cool and dried out period begins. Into the western schedule, it will always be in November therefore the precise time differs from 12 months to-year. In 2019, the event is held from November 11 to November 13. In 2020, November 1 to 3.

in which: Like Songkran, Loy Krathong is celebrated for the nation. You’ll get anywhere close to liquid like canals, streams, ponds, ponds, etc. that are in the middle of Thais who wish to spend their particular areas on goddess of liquid. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, and Phuket are among the most readily useful locations to savor this colorful event.


1). The best how to encounter Loy Krathong in Bangkok consist of wandering a public playground, scheduling a riverside resort, using a river cruise, and seeing a riverside shopping center.

2). If you wish to benefit from the event just like the residents do, give consideration to purchasing a krathong available on road suppliers or your resort can offer you one.


3. Yi Peng Festival

Yi Peng is a festival of light significantly just like Loy Krathong and it’s also celebrated for a passing fancy time. During event, several thousand report lanterns known as “khom loi” tend to be circulated in to the sky. The spectacle is really an unbelievable picture to observe and it’s really a photographer’s fantasy to recapture these types of moments. Aside from lantern launch, the event also incorporates lantern shows, spiritual occasions, parades, fireworks, songs shows, and meals.

Yi Peng varies from Loy Krathong because lanterns tend to be established in to the atmosphere rather than hitting theaters inside liquid hence Yi Peng is especially celebrated in north Thailand whereas Loy Krathong is celebrated from coast to coast. The largest gathering of Yi Peng is held in Chiang Mai, the old money of previous Lanna Kingdom.

Lantern launching during Yi Peng FestivalA monk releasing a lantern during Yi Peng

whenever: Yi Peng is celebrated in combination with Loy Krathong and festivities final 3 days.

in which: Numerous cities and urban centers in north Thailand have actually Yi Peng festivities and Chiang Mai is the greatest town to see this great event. In Chiang Mai, you’ll see several thousand lanterns traveling in to the sky, candle lights coating the tiny lanes, and you can find unique parades. Significant festivities occur in Three Kings Monument, Thapae Gate, the Old Town moat location, therefore the Ping River.


1). Reserve your resort really forward once the cost rises rapidly if the event comes near.

2). In the event that you see temples, maintain your arms, legs and chests covered.

3). Do not forget to make a wish before you decide to launch a lantern.


4. Magha Puja

Observed by Buddhists in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, Magha Puja the most essential Buddhist celebrations. The event celebrates the gathering of Buddha and 1,250 of very first disciples who he enlightened. “Magha” is the 3rd lunar thirty days in Thailand, and “Puja” suggests “to honor”. Therefore “Magha Puja” signifies honoring the 3rd lunar thirty days.

On Magha Puja Day, the Thai Buddhists prepare and supply meals to monks each morning, tune in to Buddhist teachings inside mid-day, and deliver blossoms and candle lights on temple during the night. They even purely take notice of the five Buddhist precepts including abstaining from killing residing things, taking, intimate misconduct, lying and alcohol products. For this reason many taverns in Thailand tend to be shut about this time.

whenever: Thailand’s Magha Bucha is celebrated from the full-moon day’s the 3rd lunar thirty days. Into the Gregorian schedule, this typically drops in February. In 2020, it is celebrated on February 9.

in which: If you’d like to take notice of the regional festivities, check out temples including Wat Pho in Bangkok.


5. Visakha Bucha (Buddha’s birthday celebration)

The primary Buddhist event in Thailand commemorates the 3 primary occasions in Buddha’s life: their delivery, their enlightenment, along with his demise (attainment of nirvana) all for a passing fancy time, generally Vesak full-moon time.

On Visakha Bucha, Buddhists see regional temples, make choices, and take part in traditions including playing Buddha’s teachings and meditating. In significant temples, you can find candlelight processions done, which makes it a really calm and serene destination.

whenever: There are not any fixed times for Visakha Bucha from the Gregorian schedule once the event is defined in line with the lunar schedule. It mainly drops in-may or Summer. In 2020, Visakha Bucha are seen on 6.

in which: significant temples in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and somewhere else will be the epicenter of occasion.


6. Royal Plowing Ceremony

An old royal custom dating back to to over seven-hundred many years, the Royal Plowing Ceremony marks the start of the rice-growing period. With 50 % of the Thai populace depending on agriculture for a full time income, it really is not surprising the service is a vital occasion for anyone therefore the federal government. The service can be a period to honor outstanding farmers because of their farming innovations. Therefore additionally, it is known as Farmer’s time.

During the plowing service, two sacred oxen covered in purple and silver are widely used to plow the industry as you’re watching Grand Palace. They circle the industry nine times (because nine is an auspicious quantity in Thailand). The oxen tend to be after that provided seven foodstuffs, including rice, corn, green beans, sesame, lawn, liquid, and rice wine. Whatever they choose will anticipate what’s going to be bountiful the coming period.

whenever: the precise time of Royal Ploughing Ceremony differs from 12 months to-year as it is the lunar schedule that determines when it’s celebrated. It usually drops in April or might.

In which: the service is held at Sanam Luang, a big open-field and general public square near Wat Pha Kaew and Grand Palace in Bangkok.


7. Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival

Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival is seen because of the regional agriculture communities in northeastern Thailand, particularly in the province of Yasothorn. Large, home-made rockets which have been taken months to construct are established in to the sky to desire abundant rains once the early spring attracts near. Before becoming established, rockets tend to be paraded across the town. The champion could be the one whoever rocket will be taking off many significantly and soars the greatest. People who neglect to introduce their particular rockets tend to be tossed into swimming pools of dirt as discipline.

Whenever: The Rocket Festival is held from the full-moon in-may, which will be typically from the vacations in the center of might ahead of the crop plantation duration, also it persists 3 days.

in which: Phaya Thaen Public Park, Yasothon


8. Phuket vegan Festival

Not the sort of vegetarian event you may be thinking of, the Phuket vegan Festival is probably Thailand’s strangest & most severe event. Additionally it is known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival or even the Kin Jay Festival. Some devotees show their particular commitment by exercising self-mutilation, including walking on burning up coals, piercing cheeks with swords, and climbing knife ladders. Miraculously, many of them cure up without health care.

During the event, devotees cannot take beef, which means you will discover numerous vegetarian meals stalls noted with yellowish flags. The meals is certainly caused by soybean-based making to check like beef services and products including chicken and chicken and it has equivalent surface.

whenever: The Phuket vegan Festival starts from the first-day of ninth thirty days of Chinese lunar schedule and works for nine times. It’s usually celebrated close to the end of September therefore the start of October.

in which: Several of Phuket’s significant shrines including Jui Tui, Bang Niew, Phut Jaw, Cherng Talay, and Kathu. Celebrations move between various shrines.

Tip: 1) The mutilation may be instead surprising for a few people, when you want to view it, be psychologically prepared.

9. Lopburi Monkey Banquet

The Lopburi Monkey Banquet is held inside provincial money of Lopburi, only 150 kilometers north of Bangkok, to honor macaque monkeys which can be considered to deliver the residents all the best.

The event happens on the list of damages of Pra Prang Sam Yot Temple. Monkeys whom gather across the temple will be the visitors of honor and tend to be asked to have pleasure in a large feast with towers of watermelon, durian, lettuce, pineapple, as well as other vegetables and fruit.

Whenever: Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival is normally held from the final Sunday of November. In 2019, it drops on November 24.

in which: Lopburi’s Pra Prang Sam Yot Temple, three hours’ drive from Bangkok.

Tip: Mind your things as monkeys will get unruly and take your bag or meals.


10. Chinese new-year

You need not head to Asia to commemorate the Chinese new-year or Spring Festival. There’s a big Chinese populace in Thailand, as much as 14percent of complete populace. Although Chinese new-year isn’t a public vacation in Thailand, Thai Chinese ordinarily have at the very least every day down. It’s a period to savor time with relatives and buddies and spend value for their forefathers. Moms and dads give red envelopes containing cash for their single kids; they see extended households and loved ones and desire all of them a happy Chinese new-year; homes of Chinese store proprietors tend to be embellished with purple report lanterns, Chinese calligraphy ads and posters. In Chinatowns across Thailand, the Chinese hold dragon parades, firecrackers, and acrobatic dances.

whenever: the time of Chinese new-year differs annually as it is in line with the Chinese lunar schedule, however it typically drops in January or February. In 2020, it is celebrated on January 25.

in which: the Chinese new-year is celebrated among Chinese communities across Thailand. To start to see the biggest festivities, head to Yaowaraj, the Chinatown of Bangkok. In Phuket, check out Thalang path, Dibuk path and Phang Nga path to savor the celebrations. If you should be in Chiang Mai after that, check out Warorot marketplace for an even more sober gathering.

Did these Thai celebrations ignite your wanderlust? Please reveal and let’s create a tailor-made trip around your passions.

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