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Sabah, on the north percentage of Borneo Island, is circumstances of Malaysia. It really is nicknamed “Land underneath the Wind” since it lies below (south of) the typhoon gear of East Asia it is never ever impacted by the damaging results of any typhoons. The Kinabatangan River, extending over 560 kilometer, brings countless vigor for this land with rich woodlands and countless wildlife. Inside my 2-day trip for this land, i’ve experienced different amazing genuine wildlife.

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah, Malaysia


Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

After 1.5-hour drive from Sandakan City, we attained my very first end, Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, the best-known orangutan rehab center in the field. Covering 43 square kilometers, the middle had been established in 1964 for orphaned, hurt or rescued orangutans from plantations, signing places or unlawful searching. These orangutans tend to be trained tips endure in the open once again; this discovering procedure usually takes many years. If they are prepared, they have been introduced into woodlands. Above 100 orangutans are introduced effectively because of the center since its orifice.

Monkeys in Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation CentreOrangutans tend to be playing on climbing location.

The most useful time and energy to view orangutans could be the twice-daily eating times: 10:00 and 15:00, whenever most of the orangutans located in the woodland come back to the center for meals (milk and bananas). Walking through boardwalk ultimately causing the eating system, I’d an original possiblity to get near orangutans.

Monkeys in Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Sabah, MalaysiaOrangutans tend to be appreciating meals on feeding system within the rich woodland.

Opening hours:

The center: Saturday to Thursday: 9:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00; Fridays: 9:00-11:00, 14:00-16:00.

Reception & Ticketing Counter: routine 9:00-11:00; 14:00-15:30

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Kinabatangan River

At around 14:00, we took a speed ship over the Kinabatangan River from a wharf to your after that location, Abai Jungle Lodge.

Animals right here typically hide within the rich forest near the Kinabatangan River through the daytime due to the scorching temperature, and emerge at dawn and dusk. Our guide Eric is extremely experienced, just who searched both edges regarding the lake continuously. Whenever finding any pet, he switched off the motor regarding the ship, rowed the ship near that pet quietly, after which revealed it to united states, and explained title, attributes and practices regarding the pet thoroughly. He additionally revealed a visual encyclopedia of creatures to united states allow united states to find out about the creatures.

Travelers in Sabah, MalaysiaWe experienced numerous site visitors off their nations on the way.

About 1.5 hours later on, we achieved the Abai Jungle Lodge. After a brief sleep, we, along with our guide Eric, lay out when it comes to Kinabatangan River once again at around 16:00 to see creatures on both edges regarding the lake.

As dusk dropped, monkeys arrived on the scene from deep regarding the forest. They consumed the river-water and selected fresh fruits on woods as his or her supper. Following the dinner, they climbed up woods and slept on large limbs as his or her routine for protection.

Long-tailed monkeys in Sabah, MalaysiaThese long-tailed monkeys tend to be intense and never scared of people. They dare to check into my eyes.

in Sabah, you have got numerous opportunities to see hornbills. In addition experienced most of them within the Labuk Bay later on.

A hornbill in the tree in Sabah, MalaysiaA hornbill within the tree

Trivia of hornbill

  • Hornbill is some sort of bird present exotic and subtropical Africa, Asia and Melanesia.
  • They look extremely unique since they are described as a lengthy, down-curved and colorful costs.
  • They tend to be monogamous, while having just one partner throughout their life time.
  • They tend to be omnivorous wild birds, which consume good fresh fruit, pests and little creatures for diet.
  • They typically nest in normal cavities in woods and quite often in high cliffs.

We eventually saw a long-nosed monkey among the list of green leaves. It really is a feminine monkey.

A long-nosed monkey among the green leaves in Sabah, Malaysia

Trivia of long-nosed monkey

  • The long-nosed monkey (proboscis monkey or Nasalis larvatus) is endemic towards Borneo Island, and may be located throughout three nations with this area: Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
  • It typically life in dipterocarp, mangrove and riverine woodlands in seaside places and along streams.
  • It will be the many aquatic regarding the primates, and in most cases remains within a couple of kilometers from a water origin.
  • It is actually a great swimmer, who are able to swim to 20 yards underwater, and swimming across streams.
  • It normally an excellent jumper, with the capacity of jumping-off limbs and descend into liquid.
  • It is a seasonal eater, consuming primarily good fresh fruit and leaves, and quite often consume plants, seeds and pests.
  • It is big in dimensions, becoming one of several biggest monkey types indigenous to Asia.
  • It is very simple to determine a man and feminine, while the male features an unusually big nostrils (proboscis), that may meet or exceed 10.2 cm long and hangs less than the lips. Concepts for these types of lengthy nostrils advise it may possibly be intimate choice because of the females, just who favor louder noise, and also the big nostrils play a role in large number of telephone call. The nostrils regarding the feminine is smaller, but nonetheless large for a primate.
  • Its face alterations in shade many times throughout their everyday lives. It really is created with a blue coloured face, which darkens to gray at 2.5 months, and becomes cream-colored by 8.5 months.
  • The two levels of fur vary in shade. The fur on straight back is brick-red, yellowish-brown, reddish-brown or brilliant lime; and also the underfur is light-grey, yellow, or greyish to light-orange.
  • It co-exists using the Bornean orangutan.
  • It is put at risk using the complete populace features diminished by over 50percent previously 40 many years to 2008. These are typically dropping their particular habitat continuously due to oil hand plantations, signing, and shopping as a delicacy and a material of old-fashioned Chinese medication.
  • It happens to be safeguarded legally throughout areas of Borneo Island.

We had a brief sleep in the center of the lake, whenever we liked the coffee pre-prepared by our guide. We call-it “tea time”. From then on, we made a decision to come back to our lodge.

As the sunlight transpired, we saw increasingly more different creatures, primarily long-tailed monkeys, many macaques, silvered leaf monkey and long-nosed monkeys.

“Will We see elephants or crocodiles?” I inquired our guide. The clear answer is somewhat disappointing: “The elephant herds went away and won’t return until November. Plenty of elephants are caught and killed previously many years simply because they will destroy the plants. It really is a good shame that today it is getting more difficult and more difficult to come across an elephant. In terms of crocodile, way too many vessels navigate with this lake today, and also the sound regarding the engines scares all of them. These are typically today concealing by themselves. Perchance you will dsicover some resting crocodiles on lake mudflat the next day early morning.” But right after he ended chatting, he switched off the engine and thought to united states: “Hey, men, crocodile…”. We seemed within the course he pointed, and discovered a crocodile with less half its human anatomy over the liquid. Exactly how happy we had been!

A crocodile in the Kinabatangan River, Sabah, MalaysiaAll people had been excited and took numerous photographs regarding the crocodile.

After that, we gone back to our lodge with pleasure. The complete lake cruise took about 2 hours.


Night walk-in the jungle

After supper, we took a 45-minute evening walk-in the forest beginning with 20:45 to come across even more creatures.

A brightly colored bird on the tree in Sabah, Malaysia
This style of bird features night-blindness, which means it cannot see any such thing during the night. Therefore it typically prevents on a tremendously small part, and fly-away instantly with regards to seems the part move.


Pitas Oxbow Lake

The after that early morning, we lay out for a 1.5-hour trip towards Pitas Oxbow Lake at 10:00, though we in the offing to start out at 6:30. It had been delayed due to rainfall. Therefore right here, the elements is a huge element take into consideration. The views regarding the pond had been great and made me personally feel just like I became within the Mekong Delta.

Later within the mid-day, we admired the breath-taking sunset view regarding the Kinabatangan River, and stated good-bye for this crazy however charming destination.

Sunset view of Kinabatangan River in Sabah, Malaysia

For wildlife fans, we strongly recommend Sabah, as possible experience numerous genuine creatures in the open therefore’s inexpensive to make a trip right here today. In accordance with my knowledge, i will suggest using a raincoat, mosquito repellent, telescope and telephoto lens to you. And even more importantly, unwind your self and relish the appeal of the virgin rainforest. For those who have any concern about Sabah vacation, kindly go ahead and get in touch with me personally at .

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