Eagle Beach

Best of Aruba Islands

Best of Aruba Islands: In this article, we’ll look at the best of Aruba Islands. Living on the East Coast, the beaches of Aruba are full of amazing sights to see, Baby Beach, Palm Beach, etc.

Where is Aruba located?

Aruba is a Dutch-Caribbean island located outside the hurricane belt, in the Southern Caribbean, contributing to year-round great weather! The best part of Aruba island is it attracts more repeat visitors than any other Caribbean destination.

Aruba is easy to reach

It has a state-of-the-art international airport, Queen Beatrix International Airport, you’ll find frequent nonstop, or convenient single-connection flights from most major U.S. cities, as well as daily flights from all major hubs, around the world.

The best of Aruba Island is there is absolutely no visa requirement for American, Canadian, Caribbean, European, and most South American citizens.

Aruba Map

The Aruba map below demonstrates how small the island is (Aruba is only about the size of Washington D.C.). The island is so small that it is next to impossible to get lost. The shores are never far away, so it is easy to find your way back from the interior.

Aruba has two very different sides. The Western and Southern shores are peaceful and tranquil. This is where you will find the resorts, casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs.


On the other hand, the Northern and Eastern shores are wild and violent. There is little development in these remote areas, but this side of the island is home to Aruba’s most famous natural wonders…the Natural Pool and the Natural Bridge.


Through tourism and related activities, around 3⁄4 of the Aruban gross national product is earned. Most tourists are from North America (74%), followed by Latin America with 15.2% and Europe with 8.3%.In 2018 there were 40,231 visitors from the Netherlands.

From 1 February 2001 when Queen Beatrix Airport expanded for private aircraft passengers bound for the United States, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) feature a full pre-clearance facility. Aruba has been the only island to have this service for private flights since 2008.

In 2018, Aruba features a large and well-developed tourism industry, receiving around 1,082,000 tourists who stayed overnight in its region. There are many luxury and lesser luxury hotels, concentrated mainly on the West Coast beaches.

In Palm Beach are the posh hotels aimed toward American tourists. This area is additionally called “Highrise-area”, because most of the hotels are located in (by Aruban standards) high-rise buildings. Eagle Beach, a brief distance from Palm Beach within the direction of Oranjestad, offers hotels on a somewhat smaller and more intimate scale in low-rise buildings, hence the name “lowrise-area”.

Oranjestad is, additionally to the capital, a crucial place within the tourist industry. Here is that the port for the various cruise ships that visit Aruba. The cruise industry may be a vital pillar of tourism in Aruba since during a cruise an outsized part of the passengers go ashore to go to the island.

Oranjestad is home to many luxury hotels, upscale shopping malls, and tourist-oriented shopping streets, including “Mainstreet,” and hospitality facilities. the most street, called Caya G.F. (Betico) Croes, has been redesigned in recent years, including new paving, new palm trees, and a streetcar line for tourists.

Things to do in Aruba

There is never a shortage of things to do in Aruba. No matter what kind of vacation you are looking for, you can find it. Beautiful beaches, sightseeing, land sports, water sports, shopping and more await you.

Here is a list of some of the more popular things to do in Aruba.

Sightseeing – Aruba is a small island, but it is loaded with beauty and natural wonders. You can either take an island tour by jeep or on horseback, or you can rent an ATV and go exploring on your own.

The jeep tour was great because you can have a guide to point things out and explain things to you. Usually, the first stop will be an Aloe factory. But after that, you can have an awesome time at Baby Beach, the Natural Pool, and the Natural Bridge.

Nice places to see: California lighthouse, you can drove around the sand dunes, can stop at Baby Beach to snorkel, see the Fontein cave paintings, and pretty much you can spend the day stopping to take pictures as we recommend leaving a day open to explore on your own. You can try the horseback tours as well.

Sea Trek – This will take up a good chunk of your day which is worth it. This is one of the funniest things to do in Aruba, as you actually get to walk around on the seafloor, 30 feet underwater.

You have to take a short ferry ride to DePalm Island where you receive safety instructions. The instructors teach you how to decompress yourself so you do not get sick from the water pressure and they teach you some hand signals so you can communicate with them underwater.

They help get you into a wetsuit and give you a large helmet with an air hose connected. Then you slowly walk down a ladder until you are on the seafloor. The scenery is unreal and there are fish all around you. The instructors even take underwater photos that you can buy.

The pictures are only a few dollars and it’s worth it. It’s hard to explain the experience to someone who hasn’t done it. A picture really is worth a thousand words:

Snorkeling – Your first experience will be on DePalma Island, while you can wait for a turn for Sea Trek. It wasn’t the best place for a first-timer. The waves in the snorkeling area were a little rough for someone just starting out and the area also had lots of coral. The coral is made for gorgeous scenery but it hurt to bump into and it may scrap your knees.

You can buy your own snorkeling gear and can use it at Baby Beach. They call it Baby Beach because the water is so calm a baby could swim in it. It was the perfect place for you to learn to snorkel. And there was plenty of fish swimming around to keep it interesting.

Snorkeling in Aruba with an underwater camera: The last snorkeling adventure you can experience on the Jolly Pirates ship. There are other ships that will take you snorkeling, but you’ll like the Jolly Pirates because it was an old wooden sailing ship. will take you to three different sites, including the 400 foot WWII shipwreck Antilla. That was an impressive sight!

There are plenty of local places to eat during the day and the city is alive at night too for the nightclub crowd.

You can see a section of the Tierra del Sol Golf Course. The 18-hole, par-71 course is breathtaking. It takes full advantage of Aruba’s natural beauty and picturesque landscape.

There is also a smaller nine-hole course on the island, as well as a miniature golf course.

Some of the other adventure sports that you can try include scuba diving, windsurfing, jet-skiing, and the Atlantis Submarine tour which takes you 150 feet below the sea.

Of course, one of your favorite things to do in Aruba was just relaxing. Spending the day lounging on the beach or swimming in the hotel pool was just so relaxing.

So to sum it all up, no matter what you like to do on your vacations you will have no problem finding things to do in Aruba.

If you plan on spending any time in Aruba you absolutely have to sign up for the Sea Trek diving adventure.

Beaches of Aruba

Where do we start…

But the best beaches of Aruba will always be in your hearts, and you ll plan on going back many times. And that’s not unusual. Once you go to Aruba, you will always want to go back.

So now let’s begin exploring the beautiful beaches of Aruba

Eagle Beach
Eagle Beach

Near the lighthouse on the beaches of Aruba: Living on the East Coast, Aruba was far cheaper than Hawaii, and it was cheaper than most other Caribean Islands too.

The beaches of Aruba are full of amazing sights to see, including Baby Beach, Palm Beach, and the Natural Pool.

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Aruba weather is always beautiful! It rarely rains, and the island is well outside of the hurricane belt.

There are so many things to do in Aruba. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding. Or you can try Sea Trek, and walk around 30 feet underwater. If you want to try out the Aruba nightlife, there are plenty of casinos and nightclubs. And if all you want to do is lay out and enjoy the sun, well there’s plenty of that too!

While the beaches of Aruba are indeed spectacular, the restaurants in Aruba are as well. Some of the finest meals were in Aruban restaurants. You can find pretty much any kind of food you want, and it is all delicious!

Aruba Weather

Aruba weather is about as perfect as you can get, warm and sunny. The temperature is just about the same all year long, averaging 82ºF (28ºC). In fact, the weather is so consistent that local newspapers rarely even write about it.

Day in and day out, Aruba weather is gorgeous. And although the sun is strong, the constant trade winds make it feel comfortable and refreshing.

There is little rain (less than 20 inches a year) and the island lies well outside of the hurricane belt. You won’t have to worry about canceling your vacation at the last minute due to the weather in Aruba.

You can’t ask for much better than Aruba weather.

Clothing for Aruba Vacation

The perfect clothing for an Aruba vacation is shorts and t-shirts. You’ll probably be uncomfortable in anything more. Light colors are better than dark as they will reflect more of the sun away from you rather than absorb it.

Even at night, the temperature only drops a few degrees, so long pants, blouses, or jackets are not required unless you are going to one of the more elegant restaurants or nightclubs. But even those are few and far between, and most places will welcome you in your shorts.

Women may want to bring along a hat or a clip for their hair. The trade winds are refreshing, but they make keeping long hair neat next to impossible.

One thing you do not want to forget to wear is sunscreen. The trade winds are so cool and refreshing that you will forget how strong the sun is.

Bikinis and swim trunks are the norms on the beach, though you can expect to see a few topless sunbathers lounging or swimming on the resort beaches.

There are no nude or clothing-optional beaches on Aruba. But if you are truly determined to go buff, there are plenty of isolated beaches on the other side of the island. Just be warned that the water is not exactly swimmer-friendly, and don’t be surprised if a jeep or horseback tour comes along and spots you.

So to make a long story short, men should bring plenty of shorts, t-shirts, swim trunks, and maybe a pair of light slacks and a shirt for the evening.

Women will need their bikini, a hat or hair clip, shorts, and light blouses, and maybe some sundresses or a sarong.

And everyone needs a healthy dose of sunscreen in addition to their clothing for their Aruba vacation!

Aruba Wildlife

All across the island, Aruba wildlife mingles with tourists and natives. It seems everywhere you turn, some little creature is looking back at you.

The most frequent example of Aruba wildlife is the iguana. These lizards roam all over the resort areas and may frighten those who are not expecting to see a miniature dinosaur next to them. But they are quite harmless, and they had breakfast with us every day.

Aruba Wildlife Fact – For generations, Iguana meat was considered a delicacy in Aruba and was used in soup and stews. Thankfully, that practice is now illegal.

All around the island you can see several herds of goats as well as a few wild donkeys. These animals roam around the wild side of the island picking on grass and other vegetation.

You can see some cottontail rabbits and many beautiful birds.


As you can see, Aruba is one of the best islands for you to explore many activities. The island is totally safe and the people are incredibly friendly. Most of Aruba’s income is made from tourism so they go out of the way to make you feel at home. In fact, Aruba’s motto is Bon Bini…which means “Welcome!”.

So welcome back soon to explore the Best of Aruba islands on earth!!


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