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Best Places To Visit In Greece

    Best places to visit in greece

    Best Places To Visit In Greece: Greece, the birthplace of myths and legends, azure waters, blue-domed Byzantine churches, and olive groves in their hundreds!

    Yes, Greece wears quite a dazzling string of pearls. It’s perhaps the grand lady of the Middle Eastern region (it is technically in Europe) and deserves as long as you can muster to be explored and appreciated.

    Olympic games started in Greece, the games spread to many other countries and cultures.

    Best Places To Visit In Greece

    The Island of Santorini

    The Island of Santorini is a stone’s throw away from Athens, but it feels like it’s in another world. Santorini is one of the most picturesque places on Earth, with its famous whitewashed buildings, vast blue waters, and friendly locals, Santorini has an endless choice of things to see and do.

    The main city on the island is Oia which offers excellent views of Mount Athos and the Caldera.  You can also hike up to the island’s highest point and enjoy views of the volcano.

    Santorini Islands, Best Places To Visit In Greece

    Santorini Islands, Greece

    The number of couples choosing Santorini as their wedding or honeymoon destination has also risen and is a testament to the romanticism of the place – the Gods must have been smiling down on Santorini when it was created!

    It is said that Santorini sunsets are among the best in the world. It is no surprise that historically the name given to Santorini was Kalliste, meaning “the most beautiful one”. The beauty of Santorini is enough of itself to warrant a visit.

    The island has many spectacular attractions which are iconic around the world, such as the breathtaking views of calderas, great white-sand beaches, dramatic cliffs, ancient ruins, and churches are just of the sights awaiting visitors.

    There are many things to do on the island including touring restaurants, tasting wine, horseback riding, windsurfing, taking a boat tour around the island’s beautiful caldera.

    Visiting the site of the ancient Akrotiri is a must and be amazed at the history of the place with a trip to the museum of prehistoric Thira. Follow up with a lazy afternoon on the black sands of Perissa.

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    One of the most popular destinations for travellers to explore is Athens, Greece’s capital and largest city. The ancient metropolis of Athens is filled with history, culture, and amazing sights.

    From the Acropolis and its famous monuments and buildings to the Plaka and its cosy streetscapes; Athens has something for everyone.

    At the top of any list should be the Acropolis which was the centre of ancient Greek life.  Immerse yourself in the bygone mystery of the Acropolis, topped by the supreme sacred temple Parthenon, possibly the world’s greatest archaeological site.

    When you’re done with the Acropolis, explore the rest of Athens, a city full of museums, restaurants, theatre performances, and architectural wonders.

    Other popular attractions include the Agora, Temple of Zeus, Panathenaic Stadium, Benaki Museum, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, and Syntagma Square.

    Athens, Best Places To Visit In Greece

    Athens, Greece

    If your first glimpse of Athens gives you a thirst for knowledge of how it all fits in, then you must make time for a visit to the astounding National Archaeological Museum.

    The museum contains a staggering number of ancient artefacts as well as provides a divine history of the creation and makeup of ancient Greece.

    White Tower is a complex structure and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Greece. This site is situated on a hilltop near Athens and is made up of two buildings: the White Tower and the Hexagonal Hall.

    The hexagonal hall was modelled after an Athenian temple, displaying columns with Corinthian capitals as well as other architectural elements. The White Tower, built as a watchtower during Ottoman rule, now functions as a museum.

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    Crete is a Greek island and the largest in the country. It is an important part of Greek history and culture. It’s known for its picturesque beaches, mountainous landscape, and diverse vegetation.

    The island’s beaches and other attractions make it a popular tourist destination year-round. Visitors should plan to explore the city of Chania.

    To start, there are many must-see attractions such as Knossos Palace, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, and Venetian Harbour. Wander through Knossos Palace which features ruins from the Minoan Civilization.

    The island of Crete is always ready for visitors with a diverse array of activities that range from biking and hiking to diving and boating.

    With Party paradise, Historical remains, Sweet smelling orange trees, Stunning mountain roads, Idyllic sandy beaches, and Dramatic gorges, Crete is heaven on earth and so it should be given it was allegedly the birthplace of Zeus.

    The Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is a beach on the Ionian Sea in Zakynthos Island in Greece. The beach is secluded and inaccessible by foot but there are tours that take people to the site by boat.

    For the culturally astute, initiate yourself with delightfully frescoed Minoan palaces, close your eyes and imagine ancient civilizations – Crete is yet another Grecian paradise where history reigns.

    Crete, Greece

    Crete, Greece

    With a world-class museum and a spattering of roman and other ruins, Crete has a remarkably rich history to digest.

    A haven for beachgoers, as well as retail therapy – the island could well be a country all of its own accord for what it offers, which is why tourists flock there in the peak seasons.

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    Dodecanese Islands

    The Dodecanese Islands are a group of islands in Eastern Greece, less than 200 miles away from the Turkish coast. The 12 main inhabited islands of this archipelago make up approximately 35% of Greece’s area. There are many attractions on the Dodecanese Islands, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Sitting in the heart of Greece, the Dodecanese Islands are a short ferry ride away from the mainland. The largest of these islands is Rhodes, which is also one of the most popular.

    To enjoy the most memorable vacation experience possible, it is important to plan ahead. With so many activities available, it is easy to choose between swimming with turtles or sailing through the most beautiful coves.

    Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Some of the smaller Dodecanese islands like Patmos are all about tasting a real slice of Greece as it used to be. No big resorts here, just a beautiful laid back landscape of local bays and beautiful beaches.

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    Corfu Islands

    Corfu is a beautiful, sunny island with many activities to enjoy.  The island of Corfu is perfect for a vacation, especially if you are looking for a lively atmosphere. With over 100 kilometres of coastline, the island has plenty of beaches in Greece to choose from.

    Some of the most popular are Gouvia Beach and Lefkogia Beach. Other popular attractions include the Akrotiri Archaeological Site and the Korfes Castle. There are also many historical sites to explore with ancient ruins dotting the landscape.

    The island offers visitors an abundance of things to do, from art galleries to hiking trails. Every individual will find something to enjoy here on this picturesque island.

    You can go on a boat tour of the town, swim at the beach, take a hike through the mountains, or visit some of the many museums.


    Meteora is a region located in Central Greece and is composed of numerous sandstone rocks that date back up to 500 million years. It’s considered one of the largest and most significant rock formations in Europe and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    This area is full of hiking trails and scenic hikes, and it’s easy to find some peace and quiet with all of the natural wonders around.  Meteora is also a great place for history buffs because many of the attractions were created by monks in ancient times.

    Meteora is a cluster of 6 monasteries that are located on top of large natural rock pillars. This remote site, which is perched above the ground with the only way to get in is by climbing, is one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations.

    The rock formations are made up of sandstone and conglomerate. It is an excellent place for people who enjoy hiking, climbing, history, or photography.

    Mount Parnassus

    Mount Parnassus is the mountain on which the temple of Apollo is located. The mount has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was also where the great gods made their home.

    From this sacred place, every day they would look down to Earth to see if there were any new people that need guidance or protection.

    Gavrio Chionis

    The fishing village Gavrio Chionis in Greece is the perfect place for a little getaway.  The warm water, the tranquillity of the residents, and the picturesque landscape are inviting.

    Frequently, tourists are seen taking in the sites on their smartphones or just interacting with each other.  The main road lined with hotels passes by rows of souvenirs shops where you can find everything from clothes to kitchenware.


    Thessaloniki, Greece is a coastal city, is a modern and bustling metropolis on the Aegean Sea in Northern Greece. With its mix of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, this city is a must-visit for tourists looking to explore the rich history of Greece.

    Thessaloniki, also called Salonica is known for its intense nightlife and culture as well as its religious sites like Kaligaria with its magnificent monastery.

    Today, the city of Thessaloniki has many different industries such as manufacturing, banking, transportation, and tourism.

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