What is the best time to visit Bangalore? (Bangalore Weather)

Weather in Bangalore

Bangalore, also called the city of gardens would be the capital of Karnataka. It’s also called the silicon valley of India because of its nation’s top data and tech exporter.

What’s the perfect time to see Bangalore?

Being a populous town along with also an IT hub of India, Bangalore is famous for its moderate climate that’s exceptionally gratifying to everybody. Monsoons, on the other hand, are friendly and cold making Bangalore appropriate for a trip during the year.
The town also owns of rich historic past. The climate in Bangalore lives comfortable through the year.

The weather in Bangalore stays comfortable throughout the year.

Best Time to Travel Bangalore

The Bangalore Palace has been established in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar . Ulsoor Lake, disperse over a location of 125 Falls is only one more tourist hot place. The swimming pool is the principal attractions of the lake.

Seasons in Bangalore


The winter in Bangalore begins in December and lasts till February. The nighttime temperature in town during the summertime settles at 16°C, on an aggregate. Concurrently with 15.3°, C January is the coolest month to get the city.The temperatures while those months are comfortable and relaxing, which makes it the absolute time to see the beautiful city.

The wintertime in Bangalore lasts from November to February and will be the very best time to see the city. This also implies that the town may be moderately packed in this period of the year; although, there’s a great reason it’s known as the excellent time to see. Throughout the wintertime period, the heats at town fall to a mean of 12 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius. Decembers have a consistent standard of 15 degree Celsius. This fall in levels produces the weather of Bangalore cool and friendly and is guaranteed to make you feel out to the city and see all of the amazing views.


April and May using a petty monthly temperature of 34°C and 33°C, respectively would be the most popular summer periods for the town.
The summertime in Bangalore begins in March and lasts until the end of May. The common day temperature from town throughout the summertime decreases in a comfy 33°C.

Bangalore at Summer (March-Mayday) During those periods the climate stays mild and rather comfy, which gives for perfect sightseeing activities. The temperature in this season of the year ranges between 20 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius which may not be as great since the winters but resides no cause for one to rule of this year solely.


September is the wettest month using 200 mm of rain. Throughout the southwest monsoon season, the town keeps 550 mm of rain.

Bangalore at Monsoon (June to September) In this year, Bangalore gets huge rain that brings it popular and at times hard winds. The temperature during those months ranges from 19 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius and total, the aggregate of this monsoon season is cold, comfortable and relaxing.

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