Bangalore Palace

The palace was built in 1887 by King Chamaraja Wadiyar and is now open to the public who see the luxurious and elegant splendor of one of southern India’s most enduring dynasties.

For this reason, this evocative palace features Tudor-style architecture with reinforced towers, arches, green lawns, and rich wood carvings inside. Incorporating all the beauty and fantastic architecture, Majestic Bangalore Palace retains the spices of ancient royal opulence. At that time, the palace built in 1878, the main attraction of Bangalore.

The British guardians of Chamarajendra Wadiyar bought the first house in 1873 from Bangalore High School Head Reverend J Garrett in front of his capital. The palace is vast and spreads about 45,000 square feet. A mix of Scottish Gothic and Tudor architecture gave birth to the Grand Palace we see now.

In addition to being a major tourist destination, the palace hosts several cultural events, rock concerts, and unions. A trip to the palace offers the opportunity to see the elegant splendor of one of South India’s most powerful dynasties. An audio cassette is available in the castle, in Hindi and English, to help people with speech difficulties and to know their history.

The heart of elegant boutiques, corporate microbreweries and vast technology parks, Bangalore is also a city of many characters, formed over the years by history.

Those who try to break Bangalore’s eternal and royal charm can visit one of its oldest monuments, the vast estate of Tudor-inspired Bangalore Palace

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