Here are the top 10 tourist attractions to see in Ananthagiri Hills

Best places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills

1. The Borra Hills and Caves

Found in Anantha Hilla in the Araku Valley, Borra Caves are a important traveller attraction on the east coast of India. They feature one of the most excellent natural wonders stretching over 2 km2 and located at an height of 1.4 Km.

2. Araku Tribal Museum

The Araku Tribal Museum is a treasure trove that showcases the culture, crafts, fine arts and heritage of these Eastern Hat tribes. The monument includes features that belong to tribal people, and you can have the locals’ lifestyle as you move around in your other belongings.

3. Musi River

Founded in the hills of Ananthagiri, the Musi River near Vikarabad is a tributary of the Krishna River. Also known as the Muchukunda River, it escapes through the Deccan region, joining the Krishna River in Nalgonda district near Wazirabad.

4. Padmapuram Gardens

An exclusive place awaits you in the gardens of Padmapuram, where you can see three prominent houses nestled in the centre of this Araku valley. Large cabins swing through the tree as they hang 10 feet above the ground.

5. Trekking in Ananthagiri Hills

Given its territory and landscapes, Ananthagiri likewise recognised for its trekking traces.

6. Dolphins Nose

As its name suggests, Dolphin’s Nose is a solid rock 358-meter rock that extends from a dolphin-shaped sea. A lighthouse built on this rock, whose ray of light is visible about 60 km from the sea.

7. Tyda Park

Excellent natural habitat for various wildlife creatures, Tyde Park also offers jungle bells camping facilities. In addition to a wide range of forests, this site is home to a large number of exotic birds, as well as climbing, shooting, archery.

8. Camping

With streams that divide into their forests and a plethora of options available for adventure seekers, an individual can also enjoy the Ananthagiri tents.

9. Lord Anantha Padmanabha Temple

The most famous temple in the city, Lord Anantha Padmanabha, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swami. Inside the temple, one could see an idol of Lord Vishnu located on Anantha, the snake floating in the cosmic waters of Vaikuntha.

10. Bhavanasi Lake

Thought like a sacred Ananthagiri River Like southern Badrinath, Lake Bhavanasi is native to the Nallamala Hills. Supposedly, a swim in this lake is quite promising, and traffic comes here in considerable numbers to bathe.A tub in this Lake is supposedly rather auspicious, and people come here in big number to get a dip.    

Himayathsagar.considered among the dense woods in the Telangana area.  Ananthagiri includes a famous temple situated within this forested area, which is also the birthplace of Musi River.   It’s also considered among the first human habitat regions in South India.  Ancient temples, medieval temples such as structures and historical temple indicates the background of town.  It’s a much sought after location, which can be coated, by reddish soil and perfect for some adventure sport.

  Visitors rate it among the most gorgeous areas for a weekend escape from Hyderabad.  The street is in good shape, which requires you in the dense woods with lovely trees and flows all along the road.  Close to the lighthouse, should you choose a two km diversion, then you can get to the topmost stage in the Vikarabad area, which delivers a superb view.  A visit to Vikarabad on a cloudy day with just a tiny drizzle is an unforgettable experience, and it’s a poor man’s Ooty in summertime.    Produced as a little hill station, and additionally, it is a famed destination for a day excursion because of its proximity to Hyderabad. 

Anantagiri is among the greatest tourist spots in Telangana as well as among the renowned tourist spots to see in Hyderabad.  The Ananthagiri woods is just one of those dense forest regions in Ranga Reddy District.    The small reservoir, the lush green jungle, the jungle route are additional attractions to the area covered by thick vegetation and stunning streams with new water.   The hills named following this temple since Anantagiri Hills. 

It was constructed by Nizam Nawabs, 400 decades back and had great historic significance.   Then Lord Vishnu looked to him Anantha Padmanabha Swamy at a cave.  The major temple constructed around the cave.  Together the temple, there aren’t many measures that lead to mountain area using a pushkarini and tons of destroyed structures along with a small Shiva temple.   Ananthagiri can be famed for hiking, and it provides many hiking and camping opportunities. 

There are two hiking trails in the woods, one which starts from the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and the other one begins 0.5 kilometers out of the temple, towards Kelli.  There’s a perspective about the hilltop which attained in the temple.  Nagasamudram Lake, also called Kotpally Reservoir, is put in a distance of 17 kilometers from Padmanabha Temple.  It’s a scenic place and popular amongst tourist visiting Ananthagiri. 

The Lake can be achieved via Dharur intersection (involving Vikarabad and Tandur).  For lodging, you can select Hairtha Resort near Padmanabha temple.  There’s also a private hotel named Deccan Trails. 

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