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the facts about lions? How come we people love all of them a great deal when they’re one of the most dangerous creatures we’re able to perhaps experience? We spent my youth viewing Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion and delivered complimentary, 1st fiction, the 2nd on the basis of the truth, and reading The Lion, the Witch additionally the Wardrobe by CS Lewis, nevertheless extremely popular after 70 many years. Nature reveals on tv featuring lions tend to be one of the most preferred.

Lion statues are located all over the globe from London to Asia, neither that have actually previously already been residence to lions. Singapore indicates “Lion City” despite never ever becoming residence to lions. 17,000 year-old cave paintings in France illustrate lions.

Lion statue in ChinaLion statue, Asia

Now Disney has actually introduced a far more effective 2019 remake of the huge 1994 music hit, the Lion King featuring its tale greatly considering Shakespeare’s Hamlet, mostly of the performs he typed containing no reference to any lions!

Of training course, like Shakespeare, handful of united states have actually really previously seen a lion, aside from behind taverns, cup or walls in a zoo or circus. Many have-not seen one out of the crazy never ever mind a complete pleasure. Many people have actually. Therefore, in the event that you or your children tend to be Lion King followers or perhaps fascinated by lions, overall, then tick down one from your own container record to get close up and private with genuine crazy lions inside their normal habitat.

Lions in Serengeti National Park, TanzaniaWild lions in Serengeti nationwide Park, Tanzania

Africa is, needless to say, truly the only spot to view this master of creatures yourself, local communities somewhere else becoming extinct or nearly therefore. Therefore we will visit East Africa to get these magnificent beasts, but just how can we locate them? Easy. Initially, we have to get a hold of their particular meals and they’re going to follow. And their particular meals is simple to get.

Like many people, I became mentioned thinking the lion had been “King regarding the Jungle”. There is just one issue with this. Lions do not reside in jungles but on available flatlands, grasslands and savannah, for quick reason why that’s where their particular victim life. By choice, lions will consume ungulates, the hoofed creatures. Based area, these could be wildebeest, zebra, Thompson’s gazelle, giraffe, Cape buffalo an such like. A lot of the searching is completed because of the females doing work in packages, but male lions do in addition hunt, more regularly alone. The common lioness requires the average 5 kg /11 pound of animal meat a-day, whereas the bigger men need 7 kg /15 pound. But it doesn’t signify they should consume that quantity each and every day. If they have actually an effective kill, they’re going to gorge by themselves, consuming to 30 kg / 66 pound at a sitting, after that maybe not consume for a couple of times.

The issue for lions is their particular victim consumes lawn along with countless the creatures occupying their particular habitat, the lawn quickly works away and they’ve got to go on searching for brand new products. The lions haven’t any option but to check out. It’s trigger certainly one of nature’s many dazzling places, as actually countless creatures migrate in a big group throughout the 12 months, closely followed closely by the lions alongside predators, including cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and jackals. The grasslands of Tanzania and Kenya tend to be residence to over two million wildebeest, 250,000 zebra, half a million gazelle and lots of various other types.

wildebeests Migration in Maasai MaraSeeing the wildebeests migration in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Between January and March, the ungulates’ calving period, these are typically can be found in Serengeti in Tanzania, in which during those times of the year the lawn is rich. In mere a month or more the wildebeest populace increases by half a million brand new calves! Another ungulates tend to be similarly respected. By might additionally the start of dried out period, just what small lawn which haven’t already been consumed is starting to dry up, generally there isn’t adequate meals. Extremely sensibly, this huge group of creatures chooses to keep. The zebra mind off very first, traveling north-west, followed closely by the wildebeest, gazelle and everybody else, including needless to say the location’s 3,000 lions.

After about four weeks in north-west then they face their particular best risk. Their particular path to brand new pastures needs crossing two streams – the Grumeti and Mara streams, both teeming with crocodiles whom understand these are typically coming! By very early July, the creatures haven’t any option but to just take their particular opportunities on getting by themselves and their particular offspring throughout the streams and properly in to the Masai Mara in Kenya.

They toss by themselves in to the seas anxiously struggling to really make it across, wishing that there’s security in figures. Numerous do not ensure it is. It’s estimated that 250,000 wildebeest perish regarding the migration; some from fatigue or appetite, however, many tend to be taken because of the carnivores after all of them additionally the crocodile waiting around for all of them. Deaths one of the various other migrants tend to be similarly large.

Wildebeests Crossing Mara RiverWildebeests Crossing Mara River

This lake crossing, but gruesome, happens to be perhaps one of the most preferred safari spots in every of Africa. The picture of countless creatures braving the lake, the crocodiles additionally the lions could awesome to see. It really is savagely gorgeous and in some way humbling to experience.

Safely throughout the streams, but nonetheless followed closely by the predators like the lions, the creatures spend remaining summertime in Kenya before the start of rains in November, once they go south, showing up straight back in which they began, with time for new-year’s mating period. And entire pattern restarts.

Much regarding the part of the great migration is these days aimed at nationwide areas and safe safaris by 4×4 automobiles can be obtained all the time of the year. Lake Manyara nationwide Park and Serengeti nationwide Park in Tanzania all provide on-site accommodation and trips as do Lake Nakuru nationwide Park and Masai Mara nationwide Reserve in Kenya.

Although the Serengeti / Masa Marai location is probably many distinguished and dazzling, it isn’t truly the only spot to see lions in Africa. For instance, in Southern Africa, the Kruger nationwide Park additionally the adjacent Sabi Sands hosts across the alleged Big Five – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. You will find more or less 2000 lions and their particular victim. The playground normally greatly inhabited by elephants, that the lions cannot trouble! They have been keen on a great supper of giraffe, zebra or buffalo. Sadly, this playground continues to have a significant issue with poaching that the regional authorities appear to have difficulty avoiding.

Of training course, everbody knows, Africa has actually significantly more than creatures, to quickly combine safaris with visits for some regarding the continent’s a great many other destinations. In Southern Africa, who would you like to miss table-mountain? Or whenever in Tanzania, make a side day at the dazzling Victoria Falls in neighboring Zambia?



See Lion on an African SafariSeeing the actual lion on a Maasai Mara safari, Kenya


Accidents tend to be unusual, but take place really sporadically. Obey the playground guidelines and constantly hear and bring your guides’ guidance. They know very well what they actually do and it is section of work to see you keep properly, having had a good knowledge.

Never forget that you’re among crazy and extremely dangerous creatures and it is their particular area, perhaps not yours. I am not just referring to the lions! Also peaceful-appearing vegetarians can perform people lots of harm should they feel threatened. Never ever approach a nursing mama or its children.

Never believe that a predicament is safe as you can not see any creatures. They have been masters of camouflage and may go quickly!


it is best to just take of the same quality a set of binoculars as possible manage. Occasionally you’re going to be near to the wildlife, although not constantly, most are timid and lots of tend to be cautious about people. If you should be traveling utilizing the young ones, ensure both have actually unique set of binoculars. You do not would you like to ruin the travel with arguments about whose transform it is to utilize a shared set.

Definitely just take a minumum of one digital camera to fully capture the miracle you are likely to see. Be sure you discover how your digital camera works prior to going! You do not would you like to miss out the chance you will ever have while fumbling around wanting to work-out just how to change the one thing on!

A dslr with lengthy and wide-angle contacts is right, but pricey and hefty. Also smaller digital cameras usually takes great images once you learn what you are really doing. Simply take 3 x as much memory cards while you believe you’ll need! Also remember extra electric batteries or energy finance companies to recharge.

Early early morning is the better time for pictures. The light is ideal additionally the creatures more energetic. The harsh light at midday is not flattering and a lot of creatures tend to be sensibly asleep! Early night is an excellent 2nd time whilst the creatures wake-up and visit liquid holes for a glass or two.


The many dangerous pet you’ll probably experience on an African safari isn’t the lion, nevertheless mosquito. Carry thereby applying repellent (ideally DEET based) all the time. They mainly bite through the night, but obviously a lot of them have no idea that.

4. sunlight PROTECTION

The sunshine could be intense. Shield your self. Sunblock is vital as tend to be glasses and the right cap.


Don’t forget that it could be acutely hot in time, but bitterly cool through the night. Carry adequate clothing suited to both extremes.

Don’t put on brand new footwear! Wear comfortable, level footwear. In the event that you anticipate any hiking safaris, a set of powerful (but broken-in) safari shoes is advisable.


A tiny, lightweight, standard health system is often advantageous to problems.

But what is important to carry to you is the feeling of adventure and question. Be ready to be surprised and delighted. By observing nature performing just what it had been performing a long time before we also turned-up, could come away with over thoughts. You will have a larger comprehension and value for question of nature and our destination within it.

Bring your young ones or even the kid within that see one thing a lot more magical than Disney may even desire. The true Lion King in every their awful fame!

Don’t forget Odynovo will be here to arrange a custom made tour for your needs, friends or household. Whether you would like a safari trip or other sort, write to us and we’ll design your very own no-cost, personalised itinerary to Africa or some of over 30 various other spots globally without any responsibility from you.

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