Things to do in Bali Island, Indonesia

Best Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia

Best Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia: Known as Paradise Island, Bali is the tourist heart of Indonesia’s 15000+ islands, the vacation you need and deserve.

Bali has a mind-blowing blend of tropical weather, far-reaching waters, and volcanic mountains.

Best Things To Do In Bali

Here are the best things to do in Bali which you should be looking at, as you plan your week on the Paradise Island

Fall for the Waterfalls

Bali’s waterfalls are God’s gift to humanity.

The Nungnung awaits you at the bottom of a 509-step descent, thousands of liters of water crashing down 50 meters into a gorgeous pool.

Sekumpul Waterfalls in Bali
Sekumpul Waterfalls, Bali

The Sekumpul waterfalls are seven cascades that unfurl across one of the most serene stretches in the world.

The Aling-Aling, often considered Bali’s most ‘fun’ waterfall, splits into two at the top, swirling down into two streams that refuse to coordinate with each other.

What are you waiting for? Pack your survival kit, and get, set, go.

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Take a Boat to Nusa Lembongan

Located off the southeastern shore of the Balinese mainland, Nusa Lembongan is a popular destination that visitors can tour in three to four hours.

The journey to the destination can be made by boat or by helicopter – an experience to remember either way.

Nusa Lembongan, Bali
Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Nusa Lembongan’s Dream Beach offers one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Bali, featuring low-lying cliffs and cave structures.

The island’s Mushroom Bay is quintessential tropical heaven, sparkling water seeping into white sand so soft, it will leave you breathless.

Nusa Lembongan and its surrounding areas offer excellent spots for surfing and snorkeling experiences that you’ll find hard to ever forget.

Explore the Pura Uluwatu Temple

Built at the edge of a 70-meter high cliff that juts into a deep blue sea, the Pura Uluwatu temple sits on a rock that local Hindu lore states were once part of the sea-goddess Dewi Danu’s sailing ship.

Uluwatu Temple, Bali
Uluwatu Temple, Bali

The temple is one of Bali’s most majestic structures, and the view of the sun setting over it is like a scene out of a movie.

You need to bask in this view, to realize how small your problems are.

Dolphin-gaze at Lovina

Dotted with quaint fishing villages, Lovina sees perhaps the most unique sunrise in Bali

If you take one of the charming fishermen’s boats out to Lovina at sunup, you will see the world wake up to the soul-touching sight of hundreds of dolphins rising from the water.

Dolphin Gaze at Lovina, Bali
Dolphin Gaze at Lovina, Bali

Not far off from this spot rests the Banjar hot spring, a spring that is claimed to contain sacred health and wellness powers.

Wall dive in the Majestic Menjangan

Menjangan Island is known as Bali’s best wall diving spot, breathes an underwater world so full of color, the sight of it will leave you spellbound.

Found in the depths here is the KapalBudak or Slave Ship, a wooden boat that legend claims sunk while carrying Balinese slaves to Jakarta.

Menjangan Island, Bali
Menjangan Island, Bali

Colonized by coral and rich in turtles, the shipwreck now breathes part of Bali’s rich history.

The snorkeling experience in Menjangan is bound by vibrant marine life and set on the restored reef.

Menjangan’s white sand beaches are warm and full of sun-tinted foam that laps at bare feet and washes away all exhaustion – an experience you know you need.

Visit West Bali National Park

Bali has only one National Park, West Bali National Park, which has around 160 bird species, including rare Starling species.

Bali National Park, Bali
Bali National Park, Bali

Here, you can see Banteng Mammals, Bali cows, Javan Rusa, and Indian Muntjac deers. Some common animals spotted here are Wild Boars and Leopard Cats.

Go wild with Waterbom

Considered the #1 Waterpark in Asia, Waterbom Bali unfurls in lush green in the middle of the popular Kuta stretch.

Its water slides wind through 3.8 hectares of scenic tropical parks.

Each ride is designed to conform to international safety standards.

Waterbom, Bali - Best waterparks in Asia
Waterbom, Bali – One of the best waterparks in Asia

The swim-up bar and dining outlets are executed to perfection, whipping up the experience your plate and palette crave and require.

Don’t forget to check out the unorthodox fish spa, where tiny GarraRufa fish nibble your skin to a crazy but 100% safe smoothness you haven’t had time for in a long while!


A melting pot of native and foreign, young and old, wild and tranquil, Bali lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

The best part? Unlike New York or London, Bali does not cost an arm or leg – it is the vacation that you need, deserve, and can have.

So scratch that Eastern European vacation you’ve been saving up for years now, and opt for Bali.

One week idling in the warm sun-kissed beaches of this awe-inspiring location will rejuvenate your exhausted mind, body, and spirit – and leave you with enough money for a second trip.

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