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Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

    Free things to do in Sydney

    Things To Do in Sydney, Australia: Sydney is known around the world for having one of the most beautiful harbors of any city and when you combine this with its rich history, vibrant entertainment scene in Sydney Opera House, iconic landmarks like Sydney Harbour Bridge, Town Halls, National Parks and warm weather it is easy to see why it is such a popular place to visit for tourists.

    Exploring the city buildings, relaxing on the beaches, visiting the landmarks, and admiring the scenery are just a few of the things to do in Sydney.

    Things To Do in Sydney

    There is nothing better than being out and about and strolling, cycling, picnicking, or cruising around Sydney harbor on a nice, sunny day.

    It is relatively easy to get around to all of the things to do in Sydney city via the numerous buses, trains, and taxis in the city. You can also take the Monorail or a ferry ride across the scenic Sydney Harbour.

    Visit the Blue Mountains and Take a Scenic Drive

    The Blue Mountains are located west of Sydney and are a very picturesque part of the country.

    They are filled with waterfalls, rugged bushland, scenic lookouts, and towering rock formations, like the famous 3 Sisters which is found just south of Katoomba. There are also many bushwalking tracks in the area for you to explore.

    Blue Mountains, Sydney

    Blue Mountains, Sydney

    For couples looking for romance take a drive to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and view some of the most scenic areas in the state.

    There are also lots of parks like Centennial Park, Luna Park to relax in with a picnic, boutique shops, and art galleries to wander around, as well as the many natural wonders that the area is blessed with.

    Blue Mountains National Park

    This National Park offers visitors amazing views of the city skyline from its many vantage points.

    This national park is filled with beautiful natural scenery including waterfalls, rock formations, forests, and mountains. The park has a variety of wildlife including deer, elk, and mountain lions.

    Relax at the Royal Botanic Gardens

    Spend a day of an afternoon exploring all the wonders of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Ideally positioned on Sydney Harbour these gardens feature over 30 hectares of exotic trees, native flora and tropical plants.

    Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

    Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

    The Royal Botanic Gardens also houses the Sydney Fernery, Government House, Maiden & Vista Pavillion, Tropical Centre, a restaurant, and Mrs. Macquaries Chair, which has a great view of the harbor.

    One of the highlights is the Rose Window that sits above the central fountain. They’re also home to some of Australia’s most famous trees including the magnificent Norfolk Island pine.

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    Chinese Garden

    Located in Randwick, this garden was built in 1988 and has been open since 1989. Its features include ponds, bridges, pagodas, and various other structures.

    The Chinese Garden is located at the eastern end of the Sydney Harbour foreshore on the corner of Kingsford Street and Queens Road, Randwick. It was built as a memorial to the Chinese community who settled in Australia during the gold rush era.

    It contains many different types of plants from China including pines, bamboo, plum trees, camellias, peonies, magnolias, azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, hibiscus, and more.

    Visit the Art Gallery of NSW

    Located on the edge of the botanic gardens between the city and Woolloomooloo is the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

    This gallery displays art from across the world but focuses mainly on Australian artists. Don’t leave without seeing their collection of modern art.

    Art_Gallery_of_New_South_Wales, Sydney

    Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

    At the gallery, you will find a fine collection of modern and traditional Australian and International artworks.

    The gallery includes lots of permanent galleries, educational talks, music and film screenings, as well as special exhibits throughout the year.

    Australian Centre for Photography (ACP)  – The ACP is a major photography museum and research center that hosts exhibitions by international photographers as well as showcasing its own collections.

    Australian National Maritime Museum –This museum has exhibits about Australia’s maritime history. There are also interactive displays and an IMAX cinema showing films about the sea.

    Pay Tribute at the Anzac War Memorial

    Ideally located in the middle of Hyde Park South is the ANZAC War Memorial Building.

    Its unique memorial stands as a true reminder to us all of the immense sacrifices that so many Australians have made for their country over the years.


    ANZAC War Memorial, Sydney

    The Anzac War Memorial, one of Australia’s oldest memorials not only provides a humbling experience for older people but also provides an important educational tool for young people to learn about the sacrifices made during war and peacekeeping.

    Admire the works at the Museum of Contemporary Art

    If you have any sort of appreciation of art then you should head down to the Rocks in Sydney and visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and Powerhouse Museum.

    This free gallery features several displays and exhibitions that celebrate contemporary art both from Australia and around the world. There are lots to see and do at the MCA and there are even free guided tours to help you with your interpretation of the artworks.

    Enjoy the Music at Sydney Opera House

    If you like music, art, and architecture, then this one’s for you. The Sydney Opera House is home to many major international orchestras.

    There are no entrance fees but it can get crowded so arrive early or book tickets if you want to sit down.

    Wander Around The Rocks Markets

    Every Saturday and Sunday visitors to Sydney can take some time to wander around the stalls at The Rocks Market.

    The Rocks Markets

    The Rocks Markets, Sydney

    Ideally positioned on the edge of the CBD and surrounded by the beautiful Sydney harbour this market has a truly relaxed feeling in a great location.

    This popular market includes a large variety of passionate stall-holders selling everything from hand-made crafts, artworks, photographs, clothes and much more.

    Go Shopping at Darling Harbour

    For tourists and people who love shopping, Darling Harbour is a great place to visit whilst staying in Sydney. It is conveniently situated on the western side of the CBD and specializes in Australian made products.

    It has many alfresco dining, trendy cafes, fashion boutiques, and speciality shops selling everything from children’s wear, accessories, souvenirs, and homewares.

    Visit The Star Sydney Casino

    The Star Sydney Casino is located in Pyrmont, just west of the city centre and Darling Harbour.

    The Star Sydney Casino this popular nighttime entertainment venue has something for everyone. The casino features a wide range of theatre shows, live music, bars, restaurants and luxury accommodation.

    It also includes lots of gambling tables playing a variety of different games, as well as plenty of poker machines.

    Party After Dark in Kings Cross

    The most famous after-hours night spot in the country and one of the free things to do in Sydney has to be the strip in Kings Cross, Sydney. For excitement and entertainment, there is nothing like Kings Cross in the whole of Australia.

    Noted for its colorful history and alternative lifestyles, after dark this area comes alive with plenty of nightlife entertainment in the form of quality restaurants, designer cafes, happening bars, nightclubs, and all sorts of entertainment. The main centre of Kings Cross is open for business well into the early hours of the morning.

    Go For a Coastal Walk Around Beaches

    The area around Manly is full of historic and relaxing walks including the famous Corso which link Sydney Harbour to the Pacific Ocean.

    For a more romantic time, you can simply take a stroll along the beach or foreshore area and watch the waves gently lapping the sand.

    After a nice walk, you can chill out in one of the beachfront restaurants or cafes and spend some quality time with that special someone.

    One of Sydney’s most famous icons is Bondi Beach and on a warm, sunny day there is no better place to enjoy yourself than either on the beach itself or in one of the many beachfront cafes, restaurants or bars.

    Bondi Beach is home to many surfing competitions each year. You can watch these events from the beach or take part yourself.

    The beach itself is about 1km in length and is patrolled by surf lifesavers all year round. The beautiful, white sand is ideal for the kids to play in and in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean are there are many other activities available including fishing, boating, swimming, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and scuba diving.

    Coogee Beach – Only 15 minutes drive from downtown Sydney, this beach is known for its pristine white sand and clear waters. This beach is famous for its surfing waves and long golden sand beaches.

    Bronte Beach – Located near the eastern side of Bondi, this beach is popular among surfers.

    Manly Beach – This beach is perfect if you love swimming and playing sports.

    Clovelly Beach – Situated on the northern end of the Northern Beaches, this beach is famous for its sunsets.

    AvalonBeach – This beach is great for families. There are plenty of facilities and restaurants and even though it’s located next to the busy Pacific Highway, it doesn’t have any traffic noise.

    SharkCove Beach – Just off the coast of the Northern Beaches is Shark Cove Beach. Part of the oceanfront reserve of Jervis Bay World Heritage Area, it offers crystal-clear waters and white sandy shores.

    Whale Beach – While the name itself isn’t well-known, this beach does offer some of the best whale watching in Australia.

    Maroubra Beach – One of the more recent additions to the list, Maroubra Beach is a gem that isn’t just known for its beauty; there are many attractions including an amusement park and family fun center.


    As there are more free things to do in Sydney, Sydney is often voted upon in travel circles as one of the major cities in the world that people should or want to visit.

    This is because it is such a vibrant and happening city with a wonderful array of iconic tourist attractions, natural beauty, multi-cultural dining and exciting nightlife. It is one of only a handful of cities in the world that is a popular holiday destination as well as a large commercial business centre.

    Are you ready to explore Sydney?

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