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Travel Blog – Smart Tourist: This Travel Blog contains posts about travel planning, packing, destinations, and inspiration. Everything is sprinkled with high-quality photos to keep readers engaged and enthused. In this blog, we’ll maintain its unique identity without sacrificing the usefulness of the content.

This blog features tips and advice on how you can travel better, cheaper, and smarter so you can explore the world on a budget.

How to write a Travel Blog

A travel blog is a decent method to archive and shares your love for travel, yet it likewise achieves the potential for money. First conclude whether you’ll blog for energy or benefit, then, at that point follow these rules to assist you with the particulars of how to begin a travel blog.

Travel Blog
Travel Blog

Travel blogging writing tips

  1. Write at whatever point the inclination hits you – regardless of whether that is in the ‘notes’ part of your telephone.
  2. Keep rehearsing – you don’t need to distribute all that you compose.
  3. Read other Travel sites systematically just for no particular reason.
  4. Don’t put an excessive amount of focus on yourself.
  5. Write with regards to what you need.

Travel blog names

Quite possibly the most troublesome task when beginning a blog is choosing a name. In this post, I’ll attempt to cover significant parts of picking the best Travel blog name

Settle On A Travel Blog Niche

Before you can settle on a blog name, you should decide on your Travel blog niche. Whenever you’ve settled on your blog niche, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin making your brand. Seeing how “marking a blog” works is a troublesome idea, particularly for a simple beginning. person.

Basically, your brand is the thing that assists you with setting up who you are in the publishing content to a blog world, acquire a group of people, and assemble trust with readers and web indexes.

This will end up being undeniable as you proceed through your publishing content to a blog venture, Therefore, select a blog name that addresses you.

Conceptualizing Travel Blog Names

There are a few distinctive approaches to track down the ideal Travel blog name. Creating thoughts all things considered can represent a test, so follow these three stages to build a blog name that works for yourself as well as your brand: One of the simplest approaches to settle on a blog name is by seeing what is already effectively working in the travel blog industry

Explore how Travel Blogging Industry Works

Investigate the words and expressions niche travel bloggers have utilized for their blog names and read through the ideas of comparable words and expressions.

Pick Your Blog Niche, Be Creative and Unique

One more simple approach to create blog names is by considering your Travel blog niche with a unique blog name.

In addition to the fact that this helps your potential readers get what’s going on with your blog, yet it additionally helps web search tools to get what’s going on with your blog.

Beneath, some normal Travel blog niches and words that partner with these points.

Adventure Travel
Budget Travel
Luxury Travel
Solo Travel
Family Travel
Couples Travel

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Tips for Choosing Travel Blog Names

Here are three tips to remember when settling on your choice:

Try not to Choose A Blog Name You Can’t Grow With. The greatest mistake could be picking a name I was unable to develop with.

Changing your blog name is definitely not a simple fix. By changing your blog name, you are basically rebranding. Losing a few readers is unavoidable and the whole interaction is a significant problem.

Things being what they are before you settle on a blog name, think about this: will be this a name you’ll be truly content with throughout the process of everything working out? Will it address your blog niche well for quite a long time to come?

Furthermore, attempt to stay away from convoluted names, as readers favor names that are straightforward and simple to recall.

Travel Blog ideas:

Next, come the ideas, and ideas can be in any of these segments:

How to Save money for travel
Plan a vacation on a budget
Stay healthy while traveling
Travel as a vegetarian/vegan
Plan your first cruise
 Best Travel hotspots
Travel credit cards
Photo spots in your location
Hotels/resorts/hostels/guest houses
Travel apps
Top Beaches/Parks/Museums/Hill stations etc. in the world
Destinations for solo travelers, families, couples, college students, etc.
Day trips from your city
Destinations to visit this winter/summer
Tips for Travel essentials
Check-in or carry-on your luggage
Packing list for a certain destination Solo/family/group travelers
Traveling with children
Booking flights/cabs/accommodation etc
Experiences Unexpected travel expenses
Funniest/most embarrassing travel moments
Favorite books about travel
Favorite blogs/travel quotes
Surviving a long-haul flight  
Travel Blog Ideas

Significant Step: Register Your Blog Name

So you’ve picked the ideal blog name, isn’t that so? You may be wondering.. “what do I do straightaway?”

To claim your blog name, you’ll need to register with a web hosting provider. Through your web hosting provider, you’ll have the option to log in to WordPress, plan your site, and begin making stunning articles.

Travel Blogs for students:

Some of the popular travel blogs for students:

Lonely Planet – This site is a must for students who are interested n traveling through which they can discover, plan and book a perfect trip with expert advice, travel guides, destination information, and get inspiration

Matador Network – “This blog is for a diverse generation of modern adventurers to share their stories and travel fearlessly which is offering students many grants and scholarship programs, fellowships, and other opportunities that will pay them to travel.
Nomadic Matt – This site was highly recommended by various travel bloggers, and is one of the most popular travel blogs on the web.
Twenty-Something Travel – This site deals with Travel culture and beauty blogs, which will be useful for students.

Travel Blogger Jobs:

There are quite a few companies offering Travel blogger jobs where you’ll get paid to travel – You may need to experiment and Put some thought into your design.

Some jobs may be to manage the team for the Web blog and also need to write columns/opinion pieces, reviews, comparisons & showcase some of the best stories from your travel experiences.

There are jobs in the field of writing copy for ad campaigns, websites, blogs, social media posts, and ads for travel, etc.

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