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whenever taking a trip in China, occasionally, for some places, it’s convenient and quicker to just take a train in place of a trip. So it is important to understand the baggage laws of Asia’s railroad. Only relax and let us begin to find out the precise baggage principles of Asia’s trains.

High-Speed trainHigh-Speed train


Carry-On baggage allowance

whenever a visit is originating up, you might get regularly becoming equipped with every little thing you’ll just take, nonetheless it is a good idea to travel gently for a straightforward trip.

Max. fat for carry on baggage

For each kid (including those qualified to receive no-cost vacation): 10 kg/22 lb

For each person: 20 kg/44 lb

For each diplomat: 35 kg/77 lb

Max. dimensions for carry on baggage

For typical trains: 160 cm/63 in (Length+Width+level) e.g. 28-inch suitcase

For high-speed trains: 130 cm/51 in (Length+Width+level) e.g. 24-inch suitcase

The rod-shaped things (like fishing rods or pipes containing paintings): 200 cm/79 set for typical trains and 130 cm/51 set for high-speed trains.


● The Above Mentioned allowance isn’t relevant to wheelchairs the handicapped.

● Bicycles aren’t permitted to be used in the train unless they truly are disassembled and loaded once the dimensions above. It’s Advocated to consign all of them.

● Baggage carts aren’t obtainable in the place, and often lifts do not work. When You Have most baggage, you’re advised locate a “red limit” baggage porter which constantly wears purple garments or a red baseball limit to simply help at a price of approximately 10-20 yuan (about 3 bucks) per product of baggage.

● Label your baggage in the event it’s recinded in error.


Prohibited and limited carry on baggage

In purchase to guard your preferred things from becoming confiscated at safety checkpoints, you would better see the directory of prohibited and limited things before loading your baggage.

Security checkpointsLuggage must certanly be x-rayed at safety checkpoints

Prohibited things

1. Weapons: firearms and bullets, including armed forces firearms, displaying firearms, prop firearms, primary components, examples, and imitations.

2. Explosives: bombs, sign flares, tear-gas, dynamite, fireworks, firecrackers, and imitations.

3. Knives: daggers, flicking knives, cooking area knives, good fresh fruit knives, axes, etc.

4. Instruments: spontoons, defibrillators, protection device, bows, arrows, etc.

5. Inflammable things: air (except bagged health air), hydrogen, methane, ethane, carbon oxide, as well as other liquefied gasoline; fuel, kerosene, diesel, liquor, various other gasoline essential oils, etc.

6. Dangerous things: poisons (rodenticide and extremely poisonous chemical substances); corrosives (vitriol, hydrargyrum); radioactive things; infectious representatives; magnetized things and foul-smelling things.

7. real time pets: any real time animal (except guide puppies).

Restricted things

1. Nail enamel, polish cleaner, tresses dye: around 20 ml

2. Insecticide, mousse, tresses gel, atmosphere freshener, sunscreen squirt, and stress vessels: around 120 ml

3. Security fit: 2 cardboard boxes for the most part

4. Light: 2 ordinary lighters for the most part


● real time pets, including animals, tend to be restricted you need to take in the train. Helpful information puppy with a leash is permitted to board the train if its owner can offer essential papers, including good ID or passport, certification of impairment, quarantine certification, etc.


Luggage area on Asia’s trains

It is crowded in the train, therefore you should place your baggage properly someplace you’ll hold eyes on. The internal construction and area for saving baggage on high-speed trains and typical trains tend to be a little not the same as one another.

High-Speed Train (C/D/G-Trains)

-First & second-class

You can put huge and hefty baggage (28-inch suitcase) inside cupboard at bones between carriages and you’ll in addition get additional area for huge baggage if you should be sitting in the 1st or final line. For little baggage, you employ the rack expense (for 24-inch suitcase).

Second class on high-speed trainsSecond Course on high-speed trains

-Business Course

As probably the most comfortable chair course in the high-speed train, aside from the exact same racks on both edges overhead, the business enterprise course provides enough space between each line for keeping baggage.

Business class on high-speed trainsBusiness Course on high-speed trains

Normal Train (K/T/Z/L-Trains)

-Hard Seat Class

For convenience, you need to place your baggage using your chair (12 in large) or stow your bags inside expense racks (for 28-inch suitcase). Your liquid containers and treats could be put on the center little dining table.

Hard seat class on normal trainsHard chair course on typical trains

-Hard Sleeper course

If you are taking a difficult sleeper berth, you’ll place the baggage inside expense rack (for 28-inch suitcase) over the aisle, or beneath the reduced berth (for 22-inch suitcase) therefore the center little dining table (for 28-inch suitcase). Furthermore, you’ll hang your little bags with a wall hook in each berth.

-Soft Sleeper course

Considering the coziness, numerous guests will elect to just take a soft sleeper berth. The smooth sleeper carriage has actually three locations to keep your baggage: the rack opposite top berth (for 28-inch suitcase), area beneath the center little dining table (for 28-inch suitcase) and beneath the reduced berth (for 22-inch suitcase). Additionally, there was a wall hook to hold your little bags.


● Hold all valuables and essential papers around to you.

● Do not keep your baggage inside aisle or because of the home as guests and train staff will overlook.

● Bag straps or liquid containers mustn’t protrude not in the rack.


Left-Luggage solution

For some guests in transportation, depositing the baggage at left-luggage workplace and wandering round the town is a great option to kill-time. You can keep your baggage in a few stores and restaurants close by. The expenses rely on your baggage’s dimensions, quantity and length. If you wish to keep your baggage in a single day, check always very carefully utilizing the staff very first and do not keep valuables within baggage.


Luggage consignment solution

once you travel with extra baggage or some limited things, you’ll select consignment solution. Only fill out a consignment type and spend the cost, could obtain a receipt useful for gathering your baggage. You are able to prefer to purchase additional insurance coverage for the baggage and valuables.

If you will just take a high-speed train, your baggage must certanly be consigned by another split typical train and can even show up later on than your train as there’s no specific carriage for shipping on high-speed trains.


● The most fat of each and every consigned baggage is 50 kg/110 pound, therefore the dimensions must certanly be ideal for loading onto baggage carts, but shall never be significantly less than 0. 01 cubic yards. Animals less heavy than 20 kg/44 pound with quarantine certificates could be consigned.

● Instead, there is personal logistics businesses nearby the place to consign your baggage, such SF Express, Deppon Express, Shengtong Express, Zhongtong Express, and Yuantong Express.

Today, using a train is now very well-known methods to travel in Asia. If you should be planning a trip to Asia while having any concern about taking a trip by train, please e mail us with .

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